Service cost and payment 

I earn $25 per hour for freelance cad design services. Most often, work period ranges from 2-10 ten hours (about 2 days) or more depending on work volume. Delivery time for work below 6 hours is 24 hours (could be earlier). Project duration will be determined by me based on previous work experience, agreed upon by the client. Payment is accepted via after mutual agreement of service cost and its deliverable.

Following mutual agreement between me and the client, I will send an email for payment request via to the client's email for the project. accept Master card as well as Visa cad. Deposit by clients signifies the beginning of a project.

48 Hours Money back guarantee

While I have helped up to forty clients to complete various tasks without a hitch (some came back  with more jobs), I am aware you will want to ask what happens when you are dissatisfied with my freelance cad design and services. Once you believe it is a situation that can’t be resolved, all you need do is tell me you want a refund and your money will be returned back. This is because I believe you will be happy if I am able to provide you with quality services. Quality in bits, you will agree add up to your overall business performance positively. And that is what is what I want to be associated with.

If you have any difficulty with any of this please let me know so that you and I can work things out. You can contact me on; tajutope (skype), or and will get in touch 

Thank you.

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