Sunday, 4 September 2016


Making 3 D model of your product or design can be a very nice experience. This is because it allows you to bring your design concept and creativity to life. Not only will you see what the final output or product looks like, you can also know physical attributes like weight and volume of material needed for production. As a result, you avail yourself of production cost at the very beginning.

More so, some cad software allows you to analyse product before manufacturing. Giving you insight on what works and what won't. Meaning you are in control right from the start. Hence, eliminating waste resulting from failed untested product, cut unnecessary labor cost and also reduce stress related to product development failure.

To make 3D cad model, your first step is to give thought to your concept. Followed by putting design concept on paper in the form of sketches, then add dimensions to different geometry of the design. Get a cad software such as AutoCad, Autodesk Inventor, Solidworks, Catia , proE and many more, then go to work.

If you are not going to produce your 3D model. Perhaps you are planning on hiring a freelance Cad designer. In that case, you are interested in a guide that will allow you convey 100 percent of your design concept to your Cad designer. You are trying to avoid financial loss due to  incomplete job descriptions, which you are not aware of and communication breakdown between you and your Cad designer. Trust me, you don't  want to go down this lane because I share in their pain when they find it difficult trying to communicate their designs. This can be very frustrating for you and your Cad designer. It is the reason why tow hours work turn into 4 weeks.

Let say you want to make a 3D model like this image.

Fig. 1 of how to make a 3D model cad

Please join me on my next post that explains how to make effective sketches for producing 3D Cad models.

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